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Parents V Coaches Football Match at The Culverden Stadium

CANCELLED -Saturday & Sunday - 26th & 27th June 2021

TBC September 2020

1st September 2020

Foot Golf

2nd October 2020

Calendar, Events & Fundraising...

Calender of Events..

Fund Raising...

The coming two years are a very exciting and critical period in the club’s history. We have the chance to move the club forward and create superb facilities for all boys and girls in the local area and move the club onto the next level.

In February 2018 we will see all our existing facilities demolished to make way for the new housing development. There is then planning permission, which has already been granted, to build a brand new clubhouse which will be for the sole use of TWYFC.

The clubhouse already has an amount of funding in place as a result of the overall Hub development but we still need to raise a substantial sum of money to make the clubhouse a reality. To do this we are applying for a FA grant but as a club we still need to raise £100,000 to ensure this can happen.

A committee from the club has been set up to organise this fund raise but we are heavily relying on all club members and the community in general to make it a success. If you have any questions the Fund Raising Commitee Chairman is Rob Crocker


We are organising a number of events and initiatives throughout 2018 to ensure we reach the required amount. This will be included on the events calender above.

We also have a facebook page if you wish to express any ideas you may have. Or If you would like to make a kind donation you can below.