As a club we are continually reveiwing how we can improve as a club. Our team of coach mentors are here to inspire and help the development of both players and coaches. 

Senior Coach Mentor

Luke Carpenter

Luke has a wealth of experience coaching football at all ages. Via his role coaching children in schools and at his academy Pure Football, Luke has worked with children from as young as 18 months all the way through to under 18, where he was assistant manager at Eastbourne Borough FC. This includes coaching individuals, groups and teams at grassroots level, district level and academy level providing a great insight into coaching players at different ability levels. Within his school sports delivery, Luke has been able to gather experience working with children that have learning difficulties, which has taught him how to approach delivering detailed information that is developmental and engaging. He has also gained knowledge on finding solutions to behavioural situations and in particular recognising and preventing scenarios and how each individual reacts differently.

Luke has also worked at senior level, beginning his managerial career at AFC Uckfield at the age of just 27. He has since continued his senior role as coach, which has led to his appointment with Tunbridge Wells first team ltwo seasons ago and is now the First Team Manager for the 2022-23 Season. Luke is passionate about helping the youth section grow to bring the best players through the club and into the first team.